Training of the talented people who have health, education, and art, offer of those technology and information, a plan, production.We would like to have true health and the rich soul which has the education which can demonstrate the talent and understands art.

We hope to become a person who can present them.
We aim to learn a free way of life by stack experience and to organize friend which can blossom our talent without fear.
We do not care about nationalities, age and sex for the spirit which pursues nature and truth.



Development of human resources for; being healthy, possessing the education that can rear the talent, containing formation of human being that has the expressive mind of understanding art. You can find out the way to live with freedom by heaping up many experiences.Heap International encourages you to make fellowship that blooms your ability securely. No matters where you are from as long as you have a mind that desires to gain real thing.Our aim is to bring out your ability at the maximum point. It does not matter where you are from, if you are man or woman.We lead you to learn living with freedom by heaping up many experiences.We also target to create fellowship that blooms your ability securely.We assist you to create your mind that can search the real thing and to achieve in the filed of art worldwide.Although it may sound very bitter to a certain person, forging is necessary in any world to learn the real thing.However, to whom the idea of this toughness is taken as granted and it will interest them as they aim to obtain a joy of achieving the real thing. It is difficult for individuals to pile up training themselves alone in the time. One’s talent can be collapsed by others’ envy and jealousy.Even if the ways of thinking are different, the true nature of things is formed as one. It varies in a variety of fields, and it is free. Its demanding also varies. One independent individual becomes company with others who face one goal. We aim to make place where these individuals can express themselves freely.

To show one’s true nature (i.e. ability).
To have our child win true nature (i.e. happiness).


 Get involved with HEAP

We propose to create opportunity of finding the new world, and discovering oneself being changed. Involving with a new world may be a big discovery. Making a good figure on others should help you to expand the possibility of discovering the new world.Let’s simply take a single step forward for anything and in any chance. After the first step, it may not be so difficult to go for the second step. But, if your first step has not been taken yet, your aim will probably be to start with taking that first one.“True nature of things = experience happiness”If seeking for happiness is peoples’ true nature, when will it be for you to feel happiness? It will probably be when your ability can be fully expressed.


 The maximum power is exerted with the little energy.

Ballet dancer knows how to use energy efficiently in order to keep dancing for a long time. It would be ideal if this method could apply to the business.Dancers look into the mirror to train finding out them objectively. In this way, they are able to figure out how they are reflected by audience’s eyes and enable to find out the level of their performance. They face to the bitter reality of “their present situation”. Intending to stand up straight, intending to practice, and intending to do the best. Intending of doing something does not make strong impression to the audience. It is nonsense in such cases as the intention.If you face away from yourself (= reality) that is reflected to the mirror your growth will slow down. Every dancer hopes for being reminded, pointed out and making changes (= growth).They know how to use energy efficiently in order to dance for a long time. It is impossible to complete the long stage if they waste their energy. Outcome of big result gained from spending the little energy would be ideal if it is applied to the business.It is not the meaning of saving energy. But what if you can have a great result by using only the little energy. That means you will be able to do something greater by increasing the little energy.We want to be greedy in order to handle many things by having good and efficient use of energy for our body and our mind.


 What is “practice”?

For example, a ballet is a practice. As for the person who got attention in a lesson by the teacher since his/her childhood, she/he won’t have a problem being advised.The reason is because his/her body is well aware and experienced that the teachers pay attention to help improving the ability of their students. Every ballet dancer needs to have their teacher. This fact is also good evidence to show how disguising is nonsense.
A teacher points out his/her “intention”. As you get more advices, the perfection of performance becomes even more advanced.Practice contains many meanings and values. Develop strong soul in order to withstand against this tough society by learning through the training.
Generated energy wants to be exhaled properly. It is exhaled by the method of expression.By doing this you won’t have to have extra stress. To learn this from experience, Heap International introduces classic ballet. Then, the technique can be learnt to bring out the expression through the dance. It is all for; utilizing classic music and belonging with constant filed that relates to the stage, expanding the choice of job opportunities, generating true state of wellness, and mastering flexibility and rhythm.Receiving the image and storing it in your right brain will bring that image back through the training. Its necessity will grow intensively in a future.HEAP not only focuses on a dance but also a movement. It is about how much you can express yourself by using your body.We believe this would train you to know how to express your mind to outside. It is about how well you can show it to the audience.
– To take care of yourself by knowing your health
– To have the ultimate hobby, controlling the mind and health.
These points will be a trigger to obtain the proper idea and knowledge towards ‘diet’ that produces the body cells. We believe that the first condition of seeking true happiness will be it.Also, your idea directly affects on making the base of well-being.If you are not aware of yourself, you will be caught up in the full of information surrounded by you and you may end up with losing yourself.In short, gain proper knowledge of how to make good decision and what to select rather than criticizing others.Heap aims at the true well being of the body, the mind and the thoughts.





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